• In addition to the soft touch, comfort, lightness, ease of care, easy care and high quality, the line Amni®inclui smart wires exclusive technologies to aggregate welfare and functionality to products. • Extreme comfort, smart water management and softness that only polyamide microfilaments can provide for sports and leisure with Amni®.

• the correct level management bacteriostatic protection for daily use with Amni® Biotech especially for lingerie, underwear, socks and sportswear.

• Protection against UVA and UVB rays with Amni® UV Protection, mainly for high exposure to sunlight, for swimwear, sports, leisure and accessories.

• Sustainability through Amni Soul Eco® first biodegradable polyamide yarn 6.6 world, whose formula has been enhanced to allow the clothes made with this yarn quickly decompose after being discarded in landfills.

• Optimization of textile resources with Amni Colors® developed to insert a special tone to the wire, which in addition to eliminating the dyeing step and avoid risk of staining and also prevents loss of color intensity in the clothes.

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Liv Brasil is an Exclusive Brazilian Swimwear Manufacturer. High Quality Swimwear Manufacturer Swimwear Private Label brazilian bikini shop

Sustainable Fashion, Liv Brasil is a cruelty free fashion brand. 

We support the Fashion Revolution Movement and all pieces are 100% Brazilian Handmade.

Our fabric leftovers are turned indo pet beds, donated to local shelters

"Be the change you want to see in the world" This is what moves us


Amni Soul Eco® represents a major advance sustainable for the entire textile industry , thus contributing to the maintenance of the environment for future generations.

It is 100 % biodegradable and recyclable,  can decompose 50 % in one year, and completely dissolved in three years.

The fabric dispenses softeners and derivatives in their wash, dry quickly and do not need to be ironed ; saving both water and energy.